March 15, 2023

Design Inspiration: Beautiful, Functional Home Offices

Nowadays—when more people are working from home than ever, whether full-time or in a hybrid capacity—a home office is essential. After all, who wants to be taking conference calls at the kitchen table while the dog barks in the background, or risk hurting their back sitting on the sofa all day?

Luckily, we’re pros when it comes to creating beautiful, functional home offices. Of course, cabinetry is key—you want plenty of storage for supplies and appliances, but you also want it to look good, too.

Other items to consider: lighting, layout and how, exactly, the room will be used. Will you share it with a partner? Will it double as a rec room or second living space when you’re not in there? Will clients be visiting you?

Luckily, our team can help you design an office space that’s as practical and functional as it is gorgeous. Here’s some inspiration from two client projects—the Eastbrook House, with its wonderful pops of purple, and a “bachelor pad” in Nokomis that was recently featured in Home & Design magazine.

And if you’re ready to redo your office space, get in touch. We’re here to help!

Beautiful design has the power to transform lives -Billue Guignard